Welcome to the Blossom Project!

With the natural hair movement has come a wider acceptance of a particular kind of ’natural’ hair but more work needs to done in bringing awareness and acceptance to the curliest hair type of all, not only by the media but by women of colour themselves.

Those of you who are struggling with the kinky haired life and don’t know where to go next for inspiration, this project has been created for you! 


The Blossom Project began officially in spring 2017 by me (UK natural hair blogger Curly Bola). This project is about exhibiting the immense beauty of kinky afro hair while offering encouragement and advice via blog posts, videos, workshops and consultations all of which are geared towards supporting you in your natural hair journey.

I want you to fall in love with your hair again (or for perhaps for the first time!). 


Wearing and maintaining naturally kinky hair has its struggles, lets be real. However with the right knowledge, techniques, products and more importantly the right attitude, your confidence will begin to grow and your natural hair will blossom.

Gone are the days of little Miss kinks having all the say in what she wants to do each day, The Blossom Project will help you to take control and start enjoying the beautiful crown you were created with…the way it’s meant to be.

So, whether you're a new natural looking for some inspiration and initial hair care tips and tricks, or a seasoned natural seeking some hands on advice about a particular hair care issue, here you'll find relevant advice tailored especially for ladies with coily me!

P.S...Having natural hair isn’t everything. There are lots of other interests and responsibilities we all have in life. I’ll be sharing some of mine here so feel free to have a wander in the ‘Projects’ page if you want to know what bits and pieces I’ve been up to.

B x

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