Listen to your hair. This is one of my most valuable pieces of advice to naturals. I try to keep my eyes open to what my hair likes and dislikes. Below you’ll find what my hair responded well to during 2015/16 winter.

Winter 2015/16 Regime

  •  I wear my hair in anywhere between 9-16 twists with the first inch braided in order to stretch out the roots. Wearing my hair like this helps me easily work through the sections when I start finger detangling.
  • The day before I rinse my hair I like to spend 5 mins massaging my scalp with coconut oil and then work the oil down to the ends of my hair. Doing this helps increase blood circulation, fatty acid and nutrient absorption and reduce the risk of Hygral Fatigue when rinsing my hair.
  • I rinse my hair 3 times a week with warm water. One of these instances will include the use of Apple Cider Vinegar to help remove build up from my scalp. Why do I rinse so frequently? See what I discovered about Water Only Washing here.
  • After rinsing, I use cold water to help close my cuticles and the use a small amount of Deep creme Leave-in Conditioner through out my hair to aid moisture retention.
  • As my ends are the oldest part of my hair I try to use a heavier oil to add extra protection. I use my own peppermint oil mix a couple of times a week.
  • I deep condition with homemade amla oil mix to help strengthen and condition my hair so it can withstand the colder weather.
  • Finger detangling only. I haven’t used a comb on my hair since the summer of 2015 I believe! I never thought I could reach the point where I don’t need a comb but I have. Combs just aren’t as affective when removing shed hair as my fingers are. It also boils down to shrinkage. I have up to 75% in some areas.
  • If I try to detangle my hair damp or wet I have to contend with shrinkage and the very real possibility of causing MORE tangles. Trust me, I’ve tried numerous ways of detangling my hair with various combs and with my hair in various conditions (wet, damp etc) over the past 4 1/2 years and nothing beats gently raking through my hair with my fingers and removing hairs as I go along. The second best method I found was using a steamer and my hercules combs. Oh yes they are good indeed but…just not as good as my fingers!
  • More on detangling.. I do all my detangling during one week. For three weeks I’ll do the rinsing 3 times a week etc. On the 4th week I won’t rinse my hair for 4-5 days, instead, during that week, each day I’ll take down a few twists and detangle them by hand. This ensures that the process never becomes overwhelming. If I can’t finish detangling it’s so easy for me to just twist up the section and pin it away. Done. 
  • When I’ve completed the detangling I do a clarifying wash…
  • I saturate my scalp with Clay Cleanser, leave it on for 30 -40 mins and then wash it off with water. I’ll then apply Apple Cider Vinegar and wash it out with cold water. I reuse the partings I already have so all I need to do is redo the braided root twists and start all over again.
  • I used henna every 2 months during the winter period.
  • I wore a hat or wrap hair as often as possible to reduce moisture loss and environmental damage.

Summer Regime

Please see the videos below for my 2016 summer regime. I'm always changing aspects up as I like to respond to how my hair feels so stay tuned for my 2016 Autumn/Winter regime.