6 things about Curly Bola:

I love Christ. I’m a born again christian, saved by the grace of God through faith in Christ. He is the Lord of my life!

I love my husband and my curly girly daughters. I’m truly grateful for them all and their influence in my life each day.

I love languages, namely Spanish (at the moment). I find the concept of words, sounds and their meanings within cultures fascinating.

I love wrapping presents! I just get a great feeling when wrapping items for gifting to another…It’s something about brown paper packages tied up with string…

I love using my hands. Textiles, paper, food, soil, anything and everything inspires me to create. I have a “Can I make that myself?” sort of mentality which drives me to always explore more.

I love mustard. The colour that is. It’s bright, warm and suits my chocolate skin to the T.