Water Only Method and More...(Belated post!)

Water Only Method and More...

July and August have been busy busy busy. The summer holidays are here and the children are off from school which means there has been less time to work on hair videos. With that said I've decided to put my reviews of UK products on hold this year and perhaps resume it another time. I really enjoyed using the products and discovering the growing number of black owned UK companies producing natural hair products sans the drying substances that are so prevalent in the majority of hair care products today.

I'm currently working on a few projects of my own at the moment which has further reduced the time I've been able to spend on reviewing other products. I would also like to do more hair styling videos in the near future but we'll have to see if time permits!

Anyway, so what's been going on with my own regime?
As it's been summer I should have been increasing my moisture intake however I've slacked on this a little and of course your hair always tells you how it's feeling. I've noticed some smaller broken hairs when I've been moisturising and sealing my hair so I know it's time for me to up the moisture intake and also have a trim too. I'm also due a henna treatment but I'm waiting for my moisture levels to increase as It seems that the more I henna the less porous my hair becomes.

However there's something else I want to try out in my regime, something that I've been hearing more and more about in the natural hair community and that's the water only washing method. This is when you use warm water to wash your hair each day and only use natural oils to condition your hair in the process. In a way I already do this method as I don't use shampoo any more but I still use conditioner or ACV to cleanse my hair. I want to try this method for 14 days to see what happens. I'll be using coconut oil so my hair doesn't dry out too much. The coconut oil also helps to impart shine as well as ensuring hygral fatigue doesn't affect my hair too much with the constant wetting and drying of my hair. I'm interested to see whether I might get the same results as the MHM (Maximum Hydration Method) but with a simpler regime that could suit me when I want to wear my hair out in an un stretched state without it tangling too much.

What I plan to do is divide my hair into two braids then simply wash my hair in the shower scrinching and preening as I go, removing shed hairs then braid up each section. Then I'll quickly run cold water over the braids ( to close the cuticles) , dry my hair with a cotton T-shirt and press through some coconut oil and that's it. Check out the video below to hear more about the process.