Simple Twist Out Technique

Simple Twist Out Technique

Here's a quick photo tutorial showing you how I do my twist outs. It's really simple and there's no need for special products. I get a defined, soft hold using only aloe vera gel and my homemade curly pudding. See here for my video on how to make a simple curly pudding.

simple_twistout strip.jpg


1. Take a small section of hair.

2. Take a blob of aloe vera gel and smooth it along the section of hair making sure it is evenly distributed.

3. Do the same as in step 2 with the curly pudding.

4. Divide the section into two.

5. Begin to twist the two strands together. If you want a really defined twist you need to ensure that you twist tightly (Note: Do not twist so tight so as to put undue stress on your roots) this is the most important part! Remember to twirl your ends around your finger at the end.

6. You may be able to see some excess curly pudding on your twist, you can simply run your hand down your twist to take off any excess. The curly pudding and aloe vera should dry clear and so you shouldn't see any traces of the products once your hair is dry..

7. Once the twist is dry, simply unravel the twist and you're done. (Note: You must wait until it is completely dry or you will not get the definition)

For those of you who enjoy watching videos see below!