Yes you can 4C that style! : Style 003 Side Swoop Bun

Style 003: Side Swoop Bun

Style 003: Side Swoop Bun - Here is an easy style to try with stretched 4C hair. This is a style for when you only have a few minutes in the morning when perhaps you haven't achieved the original twist/braid out definition you hoped for and you need a new style in the morning as a quick fix.

To create this style you will need:

  • Bobby pins
  • 12" Piece of hosiery material
  • Moisture (water or leave-conditioner)
  • Sealant (oil or a butter)


  • Start on stretched hair.
  • Section your bang area into a horse shoe shape and pin away.
  • Moisturise your edges.
  • Gather the rest of your hair into a bun using the hosiery material, tie and secure the ends using a bobby pin.
  • Divide the bun into two sections. Taking one section, gently twist, tuck and pin down the ends towards the back of the bun. Repeat this step with the other section.
  • Undo the bang area and gently comb the ends downwards with your fingers. 
  • Twist the bang section in an upwards motion towards your ear and pin the ends down towards your back bun. 
  • Use bobby pins on the top area of the bang twist to press it down.

Night maintenance

If you wanted to keep this style over night I would suggest doing three large chunky braids or twists. One for the bang area and two for the back buns.

How long does the style last for?

This style could be redone each morning for three days or perhaps more if your hair doesn't easily tangle at the roots. My hair starts to grow together at the roots if I leave it in a style that doesn't have lots of sections. So I personally wouldn't do this style for more than three days.

Happy styling!