Fine/Low Density 4C Hair

Managing Fine/Low Density 4C Hair

Hi everyone! In this video I wanted to talk about being natural and having fine, low density hair. Many people believe (and I was the same) that having afro hair means really thick, coarse hair and this is the reality for many naturals. However there are some, like myself who's hair does not share the same characteristics. My hair strands are fine/thin and I also don't have loads and loads of hair. 

Some bloggers who have a similar issue are Nalia 1908 and Evelyn From The Internets. These are good examples of naturals who are managing their fine hair, and Nalia in particular has retained lots of length. If you know of any more vloggers please leave the links in the box below and/or do post your own hairstyles on our Facebook page which naturals with fine hair can easily do.

As I mention in the video having fine hair can make creating certain styles a challenge, especially protective styles like single braids and twists which are so useful in aiding length retention. So what's a girl to do? One thing I would say is "Loose twist it!" Loose two strand twists have been great for my hair! Watch on to hear the rest!