Yes you can 4C that style! : Style 002 Chunky Twist Updo

Style 002: Chunky Twist Updo

Style 002: Chunky Twist Updo - Here is an easy style to try with stretched 4C hair. It's fast to do and you can play around with pinning the twists in different positions to create a new look.

To create this style you will need:

  • Bobby pins
  • Long elastic hair band 
  • Moisture (water or leave-conditioner)
  • Sealant (oil or a butter)


  • Start by doing roughly 25 loose two strand twists. When twisting, ensure the twisting at the roots is loose and then gets progressively tighter towards the ends. Make sure you have at least 5 in the front.
  • Starting from the back, divide the back horizontally so you have a top section and a bottom section.
  • Take the ends of the top section, bring them together, roll, tuck and pin them downwards while slightly pushing the roots upwards towards the crown of your head.
  • Now taking the back bottom section, bring the ends of your twists together, twist and pin upwards and tuck the ends away.
  • Place your elastic hair band across the top part of your forehead with approximately 5 of the fringe twists underneath the elastic. 
  • Take the ends of the fringe twists and curl them over the elastic and a little way towards your ear.
  • Tuck the ends down and secure with a bobby pin if needed.

Night maintenance

Simply re-twist the chunky twists to neaten up. Spritz your hair all over with the style installed and cover with a hair scarf. In the morning use your fingers to gently press the twists outwards so that they don't look flat or pressed down. Now you can position your elastic over your fringe area again.

How long does the style last for?

This style can last for a week to two weeks. If you would like to wash your hair with the loose twists installed I would suggest re-twisting them a little more tightly at the root and then proceeding to wash them. This is to ensure your roots do not tangle when you wash your hair. When you're done washing your hair, moisturise and seal each twist in turn and then stretch hair by making sure the twists are tight or you can band or african thread your hair in the pre-made sections. The next morning you can easily re-twist each twist loosely to create volume at the root.

Happy styling!