Yes you can 4c that style! - Style 001: The Loose Twist Beehive

Style 001: The Loose Twist Beehive


Before I went natural I believed that 4c hair couldn't be manipulated or styled easily and could only be done by a professional hairdresser. I truly believed that I could not do my own hair. I had no idea about the myriad of styles one can do on 4c hair just like any other hair type. Everything has changed since then, and now I know it is possible. During this series I will be sharing the styles I do to help anyone who may be feeling as I did before I began my natural hair journey. I hope to be regularly posting ' 4c style files' which will include how to create and maintain a style for a certain number of days or weeks. So remember, yes you can 4c that style!

Style 001: Loose twist beehive - A great little style to sport especially when you have two strand twists installed but it can equally work on loose 4c hair. This style is great to do if you want minimal manipulation for a least a week or two. You can even wash your hair in the twists and then re-install the style afterwards.

To create this style you will need:

  • Bobby pins
  • Hairband (optional)
  • Moisture (water)
  • Sealant (Oil or a butter)


  • You will need to start by doing loose two strand twists all over your head. These must be left in for at least one night. Make sure you moisturise and seal your loose twists. Make a side parting and section off the bang area. Undo the twists in the bang area, and while holding the ends twist and pin them to the side of your head, just above your ear.
  • Push the rest of your twists upwards. Then starting from one end of your head, roll the twists underneath themselves and move along until you reach the other end of your head. You can now twist and pin the twisted twists back on themselves as shown above.

Night maintenance

Simply re-twist or flat twist the bang area, spritz your hair all over with the style installed and cover with a hair scarf. (There's no need to undo the beehive you have created)

How long does the style last for?

This style can last for a week to two weeks. I would suggest taking the style down (not the loose twists just the beehive) after a week and moisturising and sealing the ends of your loose twists.

Happy styling!