Curly Beginnings


Welcome to curly B the new UK natural hair website for kinky, curly type 4 hair!


Our aim is to celebrate natural kinky, curly hair especially in the UK. We want to teach others to embrace the natural beauty of type 4 kinky, curly hair while learning how to style and manipulate their hair on a day to day basis without it being a major hassle. We want wearing natural hair to be part of the mainstream. Why should those with African/Caribbean heritage feel peculiar or uncomfortable about displaying the very hair that grows out of their heads?

For too long kinky, curly hair has had a bad name. Often It's described as 'unmanageable' and not usually the most desired hair type to have. Its beauty and charm seems to have been lost down through the generations since precolonial times. Negative preconceptions about type 4 hair have been absorbed into the minds of many with african heritage, which for some has resulted in the habitual use of relaxers or heat styling products to 'lay down' their hair. However in the last 5 years wearing type 4 hair in its natural state has made a comeback, more so in the US, but now it's emerging slowly in the UK too. Many, particularly from a younger generation, have decided to once again display their natural crowns in all its beauty along with every other hair type.

If you're still wondering whether to take the step and "go natural' Please check out our Basic regime, Styling and How-to pages, and of course the wealth of other information and videos online which can help you start your journey.

I hope you find Curly B a useful and helpful source of natural hair info and encouragement. If you have any questions or comments please get in contact here.